And again they raise up a golden calf

Or a blog is tried again.  This blog will range from politics to medieval studies to religion and anything else that interests me.  I’ll try to tag properly so that the divers things I’ll be discussing can be more easily separated, though intersectionality means that might be difficult.  Posts will usually be in English, although the occasional German post might be put up.

The reason I named this blog “Goldenes Kalb” (Golden Calf) is because, at the very least, I feel it frees me to discuss both politics (usually of the Marxist variety) and religion (often of the catholic and liberation theology variety) in one space, along with allowing me to use medieval or early modern images as my header.  The reason it is in German is because the English was unfortunately taken.  I often give my blogs German-language names and I hope that I’ll provide it with enough content that people don’t feel too excluded by a name in a different language.

I hope at some point to use the following image from the Nuremberg Chronicle as my header image, but I’ll probably have to do some CSS editing to get it to look nice.  I like the way the painting used as the current header image pushes the event to the margin of the painting, emphasizing perhaps how we do not notice golden calf worship in our daily lives.  The other option might be the Wall Street Bull.

I love the faces of the people dancing around the base.

I love the faces of the people dancing around the base.

WordPress has improved like crazy since I last used it.  I can’t believe how easy captions and image uploading are.  I hope that ease leads to a pretty high posting frequency.


6 responses to “And again they raise up a golden calf

  1. This is a great picture and a great blog name. Why don’t you blog some more? But you have to start thinking about how people can find you.

    I saw you under “religion” in the WordPress listing page 10 or so, but I open only posts that have a nice avatar. It is a very simple, but excellent way to find good posts.

    Some blogs depend on a circle of friends. Other blogs (like mine) get all their visits from the search engine.

    Either way, in the beginning you won’t get any answers because it takes time, and with just one post to your name the chance that anyone can find you is really small.

  2. Didn’t you say you’d write about liberation theology?

    By the way: that calf looks very much like a sheep. I am Swiss German, but I can’t read the writing. Do you think that the gentleman in the red robe is Moses? In that case, would the one that he is talking to be God Himself?! Or maybe Aaron.

    Also by the way: if you read some religion posts here, a dozen or so, you’ll see the wisdom of rather writing about Wall Street …..

    • No, the one in yellow is Moses (Moyses, as labelled), which can also be seen from the traditional horns assigned to Moses in Christian art. The red one’s labelled name looks like “Johic”, but I can’t think of anyone except Aaron speaking to Moses in depictions of that scene. The text, despite using Fraktur, is in Latin, albeit with the variant spelling of Moyses, as opposed to Moses.

      Thanks for the encouragement. I think by starting a blog roll and commenting at other blogs that have similar interests, people might start to come to this blog. Also, as I mentioned keeping it updated. I’m really glad WordPress has 3GB of space for putting media on one’s blog.

  3. like the new image/name! who painted the banner? have been working on some drawings of the golden calf by claude lorrain, the painting is in karlsruhe however..

    • The banner painting is by…Claude Lorrain. Although you may have been asking a different question.

      I’m glad you stopped by, Alex. Nice to hear from you again.

  4. Yes, but I think it is also important for people to find you through Google. It takes more time, and so it is not good for news and personal stories, but it is wonderful for more general questions which keep coming up once the Google spiders have them listed.

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