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Buckwheat Kasha

I just prepared some buckwheat kasha from this recipe.  It was out of a vague desire to be more healthful than just making macaroni and cheese and to use something in my co-op house’s pantry, along with adjusting to the future (more on that in the next paragraph).  I’m sure it will fill me up, but beyond that I can’t recommend it.  Buckwheat has a taste which I find very hard to describe.  Perhaps bitter and smoky?  I feel like I should be eating it with black bread while lying on a stove.  I am drinking it with water, which seems suitable ascetic, but perhaps I should have vodka or beer with it, since I can’t trust the water near my hut.  Sorry for the stereotypes.  Also, I realize I made enough kasha to fulfil Tevye’s dreams.  Oops.  Sorry.

During the summer I’ll be trying to cook the easiest, cheapest and heartiest vegetarian stuff I can find.  I’ve come to call it the “biomass method.”  Previously I’ve been on a co-op food system, which has happily provided enough food out of a common budget.  But this summer I’ll be sharing the costs of food with only one other person and the food situation is going to be straitened.  I have, though it may be at my parents’ house, the “Starving Student’s Vegetarian Cookbook.”  It’s okay, but does anyone have any suggestions for other cookbooks or websites?  More toward the casserole end than the salad.  Buckwheat might be out of the picture (unless people have good buckwheat suggestions), but rice isn’t.

UPDATE: Returning to something of the anticipated political content of this blog, kasha (and porridge) are the cooked version of the dry “human food” I imagine in dispensers on street corners next to water fountains when I’m thinking in my “socialism from above” mode (as critiqued by Draper).

My poor laptop webcam photo of my buckwheat concoction.  Also, Ubuntu's Cheese (a photobooth homage) crashes my whole computer.

My poor laptop webcam photo of my buckwheat concoction. Also, Ubuntu's Cheese (a photobooth homage) crashes my whole computer.


And again they raise up a golden calf

Or a blog is tried again.  This blog will range from politics to medieval studies to religion and anything else that interests me.  I’ll try to tag properly so that the divers things I’ll be discussing can be more easily separated, though intersectionality means that might be difficult.  Posts will usually be in English, although the occasional German post might be put up.

The reason I named this blog “Goldenes Kalb” (Golden Calf) is because, at the very least, I feel it frees me to discuss both politics (usually of the Marxist variety) and religion (often of the catholic and liberation theology variety) in one space, along with allowing me to use medieval or early modern images as my header.  The reason it is in German is because the English was unfortunately taken.  I often give my blogs German-language names and I hope that I’ll provide it with enough content that people don’t feel too excluded by a name in a different language.

I hope at some point to use the following image from the Nuremberg Chronicle as my header image, but I’ll probably have to do some CSS editing to get it to look nice.  I like the way the painting used as the current header image pushes the event to the margin of the painting, emphasizing perhaps how we do not notice golden calf worship in our daily lives.  The other option might be the Wall Street Bull.

I love the faces of the people dancing around the base.

I love the faces of the people dancing around the base.

WordPress has improved like crazy since I last used it.  I can’t believe how easy captions and image uploading are.  I hope that ease leads to a pretty high posting frequency.